About Us


In 2011, Yoav Sisley and a friend found themselves discussing alcohol. From that conversation, they saw an opening to create a unique, quality tasting spirit with exciting branding. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Yoav decided he had the balls to take on such a challenge–to create a brand that is both high quality and fun-loving in appearance. The process consisted of tedious hard work with help from many of Yoav’s friends and family with the primary goals being to create a brand radiating the message of Balls (that is, serious fun) and a smooth tasting spirit. 10 months of patient trial and error birthed Ball’s pinup girl and a delicious vodka which Balls is proud to bottle and distribute as its own. Of course, the ballsy efforts did not stop there! The introduction of our unique sizes, Super Balls, Big Balls, Traveler Balls, Small Balls, and Emergency Balls, keep the brand entertaining before, during, and after drinking. 

If you were to ask Yoav Sisley what he does for a living, he’ll say make people happy. Pick up some Balls and you’ll see that’s pretty spot on.

We know you never wanna be without the right size Balls – that’s why we make: