~ Jessica Gomez ~

Believe it or not, there have been times that vodka has saved lives — animal and human! Absolutely amazing.  This is a short blog post about three times that vodka saved a life by drinking it! But there are many more times — keep up with Balls Blog to learn about other amazing times besides the three in this post.

Here are three real and amazing times that vodka saved lives over the years:

1. July 2017, Animal:

A cat was saved with vodka after consuming antifreeze. Antifreeze is extremely dangerous to pets. The cat was having a horrible near death experience when rescuers found him. The cat was named Tipsy after doctors hooked him to an IV and administered a few shots of diluted vodka. After, the cat was feeling pretty nice, as expected!

2. March 2014, Animal:

A dog named Charlie, a maltese terrier from Australia, also had a near death experience. He had ingested ethylene glycol, a poisonous substance found in antifreeze. The vet gave him vodka to clean out his kidneys before they completely shut down. Close call!

3. October 2007, Human:

An Italian tourist also consumed large amounts of the poisonous substance ethylene glycol when on vacation in Australia. Pure alcohol is the usual treatment when this substance is consumed. So, doctors drip fed him vodka straight to his veins to keep him alive after they treated him with the last amount of pure alcohol they had at the hospital. Lucky fella!

Please remember not to feed your pets alcohol! If they have been poisoned, take them to a veterinarian right away!