~ By Jessica Gomez ~

There are many uses for vodka besides the enjoyment of its taste and the buzz you get! You’d be surprised how many uses there actually are!

Let’s keep it short and sweet! Here are a few:

1. Vodka can be used as a house cleanser:

It is an effective cleaning agent. Put it in a spray bottle and you got yourself a multi-purpose cleanser. Use it on soap scum, windows, and mirrors. You can also mix a bit of your fav essential oil for additional freshness to deodorize shoes and sprinkle on your mattress to avoid it from getting gross (wait for it to dry before making your bed).

2. Vodka can be used to sterilize a wound:

Because of its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, vodka can help stop the progression of infections by killing germs. Put in a bottle of your choice, preferably easy to store in your medicine cabinet. You can also use it to clean your hands in the case of an emergency where you have to treat a wound.

3. Vodka can be used to freshen flowers:

How, you ask? By killing the bacteria floating in the water, that’s how! So just spray some vodka into the water. It will keep your flowers fresh longer.

Keep your eye out for our other blogs to find out what other ways you can put your Balls Vodka to use!