~ By Jacob Williams ~

For some of us, flavored drinks are essential to enjoying vodka. However, sometimes it’s inconvenient to walk to your favorite watering hole just to get a good infused cocktail, and sometimes it’s just too expensive to purchase some of the name brand stuff. What better way to save money and up your mixology skills than to learn how to make delicious infusions at home? Yeah, DIY!

Here are a few fun and delicious DIY methods to infusing your own drinks and avoid the inconveniences:

1. Fruit Infusions:

If you’re a fan of the occasional sweet cocktail, then fruit infusions are the way to go. Making your own with fresh fruit is much healthier than using artificial flavoring and preservatives. Making these infusions is super simple! Just marinate fresh fruit like watermelon, blueberries, and pineapple. Let them soak in a mason jar for 36 hours. This method of vodka infusion isn’t just limited to fruits — you can infuse herbs, spices, and even cooked meats such as bacon.

2. Gummy Bears:

There is no argument that vodka is a drink made for adults, but this infusion is made for adults who want to let their inner child out. Vodka infused gummy bears are a flavor two for one, not only are you satisfying your sweet tooth but you are also getting the vodka flavor as well — giving it that kick. Just like the fruit infusion, vodka infused gummy bears are simple to make. The first step to executing this sweet infusion is pouring a large bag of gummy bears into a bowl. Next, fill the bowl two-thirds of the way with vodka, then let the bears sit for 24 hours. After letting the bears sit for a day, you can enjoy a nice bowl of vodka infused gummy bears.

3. Skittles Infused Vodka:

If you have a sweet tooth but would rather drink your alcohol over eating it, then vodka infused with skittles might be a better choice for you. This infusion might be a little more complicated than the others. To perform this infusion, you will need the following: a 1.75 liter of vodka, 1 pound of skittles, five mason jars, a funnel, measuring cup, and cheesecloth or coffee filters. The first step is to separate all the different colors into the mason jars. Next, fill the jars a little less than all the way with vodka letting the Skittles soak. After you’ve poured the vodka and let the candy soak, shake the jars till the color coating falls off. Then, let the white insides dissolve (this will take a day or two). After the candy has fully dissolved, filter the vodka through the cheesecloth or coffee filters. Once you have filtered all the colors, you will have five different types of Skittle infused vodkas.

These are just a few suggestions of the ways you can infuse vodka. One of the best things about infusions is their versatility. You can implement these delicious infusions as a base for your cocktails, or drink them on the rocks. Once you learn how to make these delicious recipes at home there are infinite possible infusions you can try next! Stay tuned, we plan on posting other vodka infusions soon!