~ By Jessica Gomez ~

We usually drink the vodka and then throw the bottle away, recycling it. However, if you’re big on upcycling (using recyclable items for other purposes), here are a few DIY ways to upcycle your Balls Vodka bottle and help the environment while making it worth every penny!

Let’s keep it short and sweet. Here are three DIY upcycling ideas for your empty Balls Vodka bottles:

Flower Vase:

Using your Balls Vodka bottle as a flower vase can be a nice touch to add to your home. Make something cute out of our bottle once you finish the deliciousness inside! Place a bunch of beautiful flowers in the vase to give life to your place with the bright colors, and add some air purifying plants to freshen things up!

Bottle Lamp:

Bottle lamps are a great way to upcycle! You can use different color lights inside the bottles to decorate as you please! Express your creativity by getting some balls! You can use them both as a decoration and to glow up your surroundings. Being  creative pays off.

Refill them:

Balls Vodka bottles make great containers! With all the different size bottles, you can make mixed drinks for home, on the go, or as a ballsy gift. Click here to learn how to make some yummy mixed drinks with Balls! You could also simply use it as a bottle to store your water, juices, and anything else you mix up — even condiments and oils. You can keep the cap or change it to a cork for a more trendy look.