~ By Jacob Williams ~

Drinking games are a great way to start a party and can really lighten the mood. Either one of these delightful games would break the party tension, if there’s even any. What really makes these game successful boils down to two things, having good friends around to play and premium quality drinks for premium quality fun — so bring Balls Vodka to the party and you will have the full equation.

The list of drinking games is an extensive one, but here are five:

1. Drunk Jenga :

I know what your thinking “Jangga? Thats a kids game,” but this version is only for the adults. Jenga is a wonderful throwback to your childhood, and with these simple modifications to our favorite board game, it will help you and your friends bring out your inner child while indulging in some good old adult fun. Let the nostalgic feelings begin, but with a twist. Drunk Jenga is simple and inexpensive. All you need is the following: a Sharpy, your favorite building block based tower game, and some good friends. On each Jenga brick write a rule or task — remember to make these rules fun and creative like “take a shot” or “only use one hand.” If you can’t think of creative rules there is a premade drunk Jenga that you can buy with fun rules that will keep your party alive.

2. Shot roulette:

Roulette is a very popular game in many casinos. This game is where you can spin a wheel and win big or lose big, depending on your luck. This version holds the same odds except it’s not your money that’s being gambled with but your taste buds. This game of chances has very few rules and requires little to no preparation. You will need the following: shot glasses, a plastic bottle, or if you want to get really fancy you can buy a roulette wheel from Amazon. The rules are very simple: first you must fill each shot glass with different contents such as Balls Vodka (which is the good stuff you want to get)and other contents like Tabasco sauce for example. Next, each player will spin and the shot glass that the bottle points the closest to the spinner must drink.

3. Never Have I Ever:

This drinking game is considered to be a classic and has been around almost since the dawn of drinking games. Not only is it a fun way to kick back and relax with the friends, it also helps you learn more about your pals or break the ice with people that you’ve just met. It requires no set up whatsoever. All you need for a round of Never Have I Ever is a few friends. The rules are simple: each player holds three fingers up, the group takes turns saying things that they never done. An example would be “never have I ever had a lobster dinner.” In this situation if you have, then you take a shot or a sip of whatever you’re drinking. This game is a very popular party game that will get everybody comfortable with each other.

4. Thumper:

If simple party games aren’t your style, then kick it up a little with the game Thumper. If you like hand signals and have the memory of an elephant, you will be good at this game. While Thumper may be the most complicated game on our list, it also might be the most fun. At the beginning, each player chooses a hand gesture. The game starts by everyone doing drum rolls on the table. Next, the leader of this round does his hand gestures followed by everyone else’s gestures. The players whose hand gesture was performed then does his gesture followed by another person’s gesture, this continues until someone is too slow or mixes up the order. Whoever messes up the order must take a shot.

5. Kings Cup:

If you don’t have a great memory and you find hand gestures to be completely obscene, it’s okay, we won’t judge you. Kings Cup is a great alternative and is more relaxed in terms of speed and pace. All you need for this game is a deck of cards and as usual, a few friends. The cards will be shuffled and sorted into a circle. Every card has a specific rule attached to it such as “waterfall,” where everyone drinks. Check out all the rules and variations here.

Which game is your favorite so far? Comment below!