~By Jacob Williams and Jessica Gomez~

Ah, Valentine’s Day — the day of el amor… but it can be a very stressful holiday too, especially if you do all the planning last minute (guilty!). It sometimes happens, but lets try not to make a habit of it though. What’s important is that at the end of the day, you put some thought into it your Valentine’s day date ideas, even if it was very last minute, for whatever reason.

Fortunately for you, us ballsy Ballers have some dating advice on fun last-minute Valentine’s Day date ideas:

These are ideas that won’t take too much time to prepare for, and will still make your valentine feel special. Time to get this romantic day started!


If it’s a nice day out. We all know how bi-polar the weather can be! But also keep in mind that this can also take place in the comfort of your own home. A picnic may not seem like the most extravagant and luxurious date, but it is thoughtful and simple. The most amazing thing about a picnic date is that it basically takes little to no planning. All you need for this outdoor adventure is a basket full of food, a scenic location, and a large blanket. If you truly wish to spice up the afternoon or evening, bring your favorite Balls Vodka infused cocktails to sip on as you enjoy the time pass with your valentine. Below are three options for your V-Day cocktails:

Chocolate Balls: 1 oz of Balls Vodka, 1 oz of Cream de Cacao, and chocolate Syrup.

Love Balls: 1 z of Balls Vodka, 1 drop of Grenadine, add some Sprite or 7UP, and lastly add a cranberry or cherry as garnish

Raspberry Hot Cocoa: You make it the same way you usually would, but add some Balls Vodka for a kick!

Romantic dinner:

If the outdoors is not your thing or you live somewhere that’s cold for the month of February, a romantic dinner is a nice option. Since Valentine’s Day is a day of love, most restaurants that take reservations will be filled, but don’t panic! Let this encourage you to try something new, or if you’re feeling risky, you can try eating at the most romantic restaurant in any town: your home. Cooking at home is one of the most romantic ways to spend Valentine’s Day because it’s so thoughtful and intimate. You have to take into consideration their food tastes and chef it up for them. The best part is that the drinks are free and it’s always happy hour when you make our delicious Valentine’s Day cocktails (above).


When trying to impress your date, it is important to keep in mind that Valentine’s Day is about fun just as much as it is about love. Nothing says fun like a little friendly competition, and one of the most fun ways to do this is through bowling. Bowling is a classic date idea. Just simply find an alley and bowl. The best thing about this idea: you can bowl for as long as you want — you can bowl all day or do a few games. and just leave to do something ballsy after. Simple and efficient.

Mini golf:

If pins and allies are not your idea of fun, but you still want to try and get in that competitive fun with your Valentine’s Day date, try mini golf. Mini golf is easy and still gets that competitive energy flowing. Mini golf is a good date idea because there are many variations to fit different moods: indoor, outdoor, and glow in the dark. Just pick the style you like, your golf course — and let the date begin.

There are so many last-minute options that don’t give away your procrastinating quality. No matter which option you pick, whether it’s to stay at home and cook or to play a few rounds of mini golf, the most important thing about Valentine’s Day is having fun with that one person. 


Happy Valentine’s Day!