~ By Jessica Gomez ~

Surprisingly, there are health benefits that vodka provides. However, don’t get it twisted, you should always consume alcohol responsibly. Everything in moderation.

We love to drink vodka, but how else can we use this precious liquid? We’ll tell you how! Here are five cool health benefits of Vodka:

1. Can help you stay fit when you’re a drinker — Vodka does not contain any carbs, sugar, fat, cholesterol, sodium, and yeast – on top of being one of the most low-calorie liquors:

This… is… awesome! Time to stock up, like in the image above (haha)! We can drink and stay fit, too! If you’re on a mission to become or stay fit, but don’t want to give up drinking, fear not! Drinking vodka straight or mixing it with seltzer water/club soda (aka Vodka Soda) are two options to get your drink on without the worry of all the extra stuff that’s bad for you!

2. Vodka can reduce toothaches and bad breath:

Say what? Just use it as a mouthwash! To avoid having alcohol breath, there is some preparation required. Mix the vodka with a few drops of spearmint or another flavor you like and let it sit for a few hours to any time up to two weeks. Vodka kills germs, so using it as a mouthwash will kill the germs in your mouth. The sensation you will get in your mouth is similar to the feeling you would get when using a mouthwash like Listerine or Scope. And of course, remember to brush your teeth and tongue before using your new mouthwash!

3. Vodka keeps hair healthy:

Another surprising fact: Vodka promotes hair growth and can treat dandruff! For hair growth, mix a shot of vodka with your shampoo when washing your hair. Pour it into a dispenser or bottle and shake it up. Wash your hair as normal, and let it air dry. As for fighting dandruff using vodka, mix about half a cup of vodka with two tablespoons of rosemary. Let this sit in a cool area for three days before straining it. Then it’s finally ready to apply to your hair! Use one tablespoon to massage it into your scalp, leaving it in for an hour. Lastly, rinse it off with lukewarm water. You can do this twice a week.

4. Vodka can have a calming effect on the brain: 

When consumed or applied on the body, Vodka relaxes, helps reduce stress, and can induce sleep. Looks like vodka is not just fun water, but also calming water!

5. Vodka increases blood flow, allowing more oxygen to travel within your blood:

Vodka can help protect against heart diseases, and it promotes the amount of “good” cholesterol in your body. The free flow of blood helps prevent strokes and heart attacks.

To add on, our Balls Vodka is vegan and gluten-free, making it even better. Yeah, we’re not just about being delicious and ballsy! Stay tuned for more health benefits you can get from using vodka — and remember, consume responsibly and in moderation!