~ Jessica Gomez ~

At Balls Vodka, one of the things we value and push for is confidence. Confidence is an important quality to have, whether it be in your social life, school life, or work life. Many of us lack confidence or just need a reboot. To become more confident, you definitely need to work on yourself, both on the inside and outside. With that being said, we’re here to help!

Here are five of the many ways to boost your confidence:

Assess what you are confident about and what you’re not confident about, then start from there. The goal is to become the best you — emotionally, mentally, intellectually, and physically. We’ve got some tips to share:

1. Look presentable:

When you look good, you feel good. That’s just how it works a lot of the time. We need to take the time out to care for ourselves and pamper ourselves. It is important to look presentable always or almost always. We don;t mean always wear a suit or a dress, but embrace your style and rock it! The point is to groom yourself and dress nice. Look your best for you, it will pay off.

2. Think positive, act positive:

It is easier said than done, but very possible. When negative thoughts begin to creep in, don’t let them settle! Kick them out right away. Once you get into the habit of pushing the negative away and letting the positive in, it will be easier and you’ll see how it makes you happier. We can’t only think positive though, our actions must reflect it as well, which takes us to our next tip.

3. Be kind:

Small acts multiplied by a million cause change. Do not think you cannot make a difference. Whether it be big or small, a difference is a difference. Go out of your way to be kind to others, to be generous, and just do nice things. This is a great way to help people and feel good about the person you are at the same time.

4. Focus on your wellness:

Make sure to eat well, exercise, and meditate. You can also do yoga or any other physical activities that get you going. Also, take hot bubble baths and vacations periodically to calm you and give you the fun and pampering you deserve.

5. Increase competence:

Stimulate your brain. Go out and learn new things, read, take on new hobbies, explore, travel, experience. There is tons to do to make yourself a competent and more well rounded individual. Make a list of things you want to do, become, and get accomplished — and then go for it. Being productive will get you to the level of competence you want.

What are some ways you’ve boosted your confidence before? Comment below! 

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