~By Esther Choi and Jessica Gomez~

The internet is chock full of home remedies for basically anything and everything. Like our other blog post 3 Uses for Vodka Other Than Drinking, we are showcasing you the best ways to use vodka – other than drinking it. You may be thinking: pfft, why would I waste my PRECIOUS Balls Vodka on something other than drinking? Well, you never know when our precious vodka can save you from a little at-home emergency.

Here are a few specific at-home uses for vodka:

1. Soothe a toothache:

In no way are we telling you not to go to the dentist if you have a toothache, but establishing a dentist appointment can be a long and daunting process. When you can’t get to the dentist immediately and your toothache is bothering you, try this: Swish a bit of vodka all over your mouth and the vodka will disinfect and also kill some of the nasty bacteria that’s causing you to feel discomfort!

2. Remove Sticker Residue:

This is for all of you that have a difficult time removing that icky gooey stuff that comes from removing a sticker off of a new product. We’ve all dealt with buying a new wine glass, and tried to remove the price sticker, only to be left over with that annoying residue. Solution? Use vodka to scrape it off in no time. Yeah, no more hassle — the tediousness is over!

3. Freshen Laundry:

Yes, its true. Vodka can freshen up your laundry — and make certain odors go away. Of course, you should test it on a small spot first just as you would any other home remedy. But other than that, this one is super simple. Just put some vodka in a spray bottle and spritz away! After, let your clothing hang to dry. The alcohol content in the vodka will kill off those nasty odor causing bacteria and freshen up your clothes in no time.

So there it is, three more unique, yet oh-so-simple ways to use Balls Vodka other than drinking it! You may just want to grab a shot after you try these remedies out though — you know, for good luck. *wink*