~ By Jessica Gomez ~

We’ve done some research to deliver three fascinating facts about vodka that you’ve probably never heard of! Let’s be straight to the point and keep it simple.

Here they are, three weird facts about vodka:

1. If you or your pet consumed antifreeze somehow, vodka is there to the rescue:

Antifreeze is dangerous when consumed, it can lead to death. So having a bottle of vodka around can prove to be pretty helpful in an odd case like this. Although you should reach out to a medical professional ASAP if you or your furry friend consume antifreeze accidentally, drinking vodka right after can help soak up the toxins from the antifreeze in the meantime. Click here to read the story of a puppy saved by vodka!

2. When Russia banned the sale of vodka during World War I, the government lost a third of its income:

Russians sure do love vodka, and so do we! Looks like it was a big part of their economy. I suppose we’re all happy that vodka did not stay off the market for too long, whether it be here or across the world. Read here for the scoop on this historical fact.

3. You can use vodka to make aftershave:

This is a DIY project! This fun fact is in addition to our past blogs 3 At-Home Uses for Vodka Other Than Drinking and 3 Uses for Vodka Other Than Drinking. This would make a nice gift made by your own hands, or if you’re a guy, you can be all manly and make your own aftershave. Yeah, take control of your life! Click here to read more about it.

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